Shut Up, We Are Trying To Sleep!


Getting trapped in the  bathroom of your apartment  for three weeks and only drinking warm water from the tap…$0. Having the neighbors start a petition to stop the inconsiderate bastard from tapping on the pipes every night….priceless. The 69 year old from Paris, who became trapped when the door lock broke, was eventually rescued after her neighbors realized she was the one making the racket in an attempt to get help. Whoopsie!


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6 responses to “Shut Up, We Are Trying To Sleep!

  1. See this is why the elderly are so annoying. All they do is meekishly bang some pipes while they’re all weak and dying. A real person would scream their bloddy head off.

    People shouldn’t interfere with natural selection.

  2. friggin attention seeker 🙄

  3. Susi Spice


    maybe they would have recognised her cry for help if she had played the following song tune instead…

  4. Why didn’t he turn on the cold water tap??

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