Everyone’s A Friggin Critic

Oh dear god, locals near the Iowa/Nebraska border are still friggin bitching about the new $3 million public art installation “Odyssey” on the 24th Street interchange on Interstate Highway 29/80. Motorists are complaining the Freddy Kruger hands are  so terrifyingly distracting they are finding it hard to concentrate (yep, there has been some rear ending!), thus the nickname “Nightmare on 24th Street”.  The abstract work by renowned international sculptor Albert Paley has also been described as “Edward Scissorbridge”, “Gateway to Disaster” and a ” pile of junk”. Any thoughts …


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8 responses to “Everyone’s A Friggin Critic

  1. Fairy Face

    Seems like other places have their very own “Yellow Terror”. I think it’s been moved three times from the spots that they chose in Melbourne. If they dump it in the Yarra river residents will then be happy. It’s just another piece of junk that someone has mistakenly called “ART” EEEK !
    I do love the Edward Scissorbridge nickname lol. I kind of does look like that.

    • Blahahaha FF, I friggin spent the whole day in Melbourne hunting down the Yellow Peril. It now resides outside the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art. When it was along the Yarra it became a homeless shelter and a place to park your car.

      • FAIRY FACE

        Oh that’s right, The Yellow Peril. I think the homeless were using it as a toilet. Pissing all over it. It looks like a metal puzzle bit turned upside down. That’s not art. Who was theMayor of Melbourne at that time ? Hmm I forget but he obvioulsy had no taste. That scrap metal mand saw him coming ? It was probably Ron Walker that firey redhead with the huge nose.

  2. Hey Dunbo…it is the IOWA/Nebraska border not OHIO. I know they don’t require you to know US Geography down under as I wouldn’t be able to tell you Perth from Peru but geez..haha

  3. “Edward Scissorbridge”! Baaa-hahahaha!

  4. Susi Spice

    they shouldve just made a sculpture of corn and dressed in a trucker hat…wouldve fit right in then.

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