We’re Going To Be Charged To Use The Sun

You're owned!

Heavens to mergatroid, some lady in Spain has claimed ownership of the sun. Yes, our sun, the one we revolve around. Angeles Duran registered the star at a local notary public and now she’s the official owner. Hmm, and as owner she plans to slap a fee on everyone who uses the sun and give half the proceeds to the Spanish government , 20% to the nation’s pension fund, 10% to research, 10% to ending world hunger and the last 10% she’s keeping for herself. Good luck with that lady!

Psst Hmm, what’s the bet skin cancer victims will start suing her?


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12 responses to “We’re Going To Be Charged To Use The Sun

  1. Damn, wish I’d thought of that first !!! 😦

  2. Hang on a mo !!!

    Isn’t it traditional to plant a flag before claiming ownership of land in order to symbolise ‘possession’ ?

  3. Finally someone to blame my reckless sunbathing on.

  4. I’d definitely sue her if I get a carcinoma.

  5. Fairy Face

    Friggin gays pinch the rainbow now this woman wants to pinch our sun. I say let her try lol. Everyone deserves the chance to fail !!

  6. A bit of truth with a bit of bullshit I see.
    You might have seen me in Vodka and Ground Beef then maybe you’ve not. You have some hummer but you’re not jumping off any cliffs with it. Not like pushing some kid down a well to get dates. I like the cold side of some of your post. They seem to make one ask WTF over. Other than Just Making Convo and VGB on your list who will cut the cheese on a date just to see if their worth keeping? Can you help me out Girl.

    • Well, well, well Desk49 you finally graced us with your presence and charm. I think you need to wander over to Susi Spice and give her a push down a well. Oh, and if she offers you a yogurt loaf, by any chance, take it 🙂

      • LOL so I see Susi Spice is dying for you to help her get a date. My friend helped me out one time. It was different. Like all dates there was the good and bad. The good was I got to set in the font seat with both of them on the date and he had to set in the back seat by himself. The bad was when the two girls were in the back seat together I almost drug my muffler off.

        After the date was over we talked about it and the next time we took two cars and refused to feed them.

        So you keep trying to help Susi and remember us fat guys can be fun to but don’t think for one dam minute we’re going to share our food with them.

  7. megagetoverit

    I’m moving to Antarctica as that would halve my annual Sun bill…bloody Spanish bitch…Hope she chokes on daylight saving and global warming….jeeezz…never ends..Ps: I planted a flag in my backyard…”Centre of the Universe”…Does that mean I own the Universe and am able to tax that Sun bitch??? Oy Duncs…I have a plan…..

  8. Dear Angeles Duran,
    Pls let go of the Sun & pass it back 2 Mother Nature so that she can bring warmth to those who are living in the places with cold temperatures. In addition, Kevon Edmonds of the R&B group After 7 already offered the Sun to a girl he sang to titled ‘Ready or not”. In the song, he also offered the girl The Rain,The Moon,The Stars, The Mountains & the world. Therefore it is wrong for you to claim what is not yours. The Sun is something we all share.

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