Hobbits Are Light Skinned

Hobbits eh bro?

Holy Hobbit racism row Batman. Attention little people auditioning for The Hobbit in New Zealand, no dark skinned women need apply! Hobbits are friggin light skinned OK!!!! Seems the casting agent for the Peter Jackson film has got his ass asked well and truly kicked for placing an ad in a newspaper which requested extras with “light skin tones”. Oh boy, seems a British Pakistani women, who was told she wasn’t white enough, is now friggin pissed and screaming racism. Hmm, way to get yourself a part in the movie!

Psst WTF is a hobbit?


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5 responses to “Hobbits Are Light Skinned

  1. Fairy Face

    Anything with KIWI origins Loon,you know that !! lol Should we send this over to… ah never mind … lol

  2. Susi Spice

    oh for goodness sakes she should just wait 6 months and bollywood will do a remake of the hobbit with bollywood dancing, cheesy story lines and men with bad handlebar moustaches… shes just been fussy.

    did you hear the update? she got the casting director fired…haha

    im sure it was a case of… “yes this is what we asked for but you dont friggin tell people that! idiot! now u will take the fall and we are not admitting to that directive”.

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