Land Of The Long White Cloud…. and Sheep

The Loon is off to New Zealand today, so, as I am not even sure they have internet over there, I will be a bit sporadic with my posts. Hmm, I might even  have to Morse code it! Note to self , be careful when they say six (that could get the Loon in big strife!). Do you know what’s the hardest 5 years of a New Zealander’s life? Grade 1. OMG, I am so going to have fun, eh bro?


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15 responses to “Land Of The Long White Cloud…. and Sheep

  1. Fairy Face

    Now yo’all be sure to come back now eh bro!

  2. Fairy Face

    Hahahah that’s is so true I’m having trouble gettng blokes in to do eenything. Lol

  3. Don’t worry…I’ll keep an eye on the peaches while you are gone.

  4. Hanging in Qantas lounge waiting , waiting,waiting,waiting….

  5. megagetoverit

    F@#k Qantas…..Pray for New Zealand…lock away your sheep and children folks…Yow Peter Jackson bro….The new potential Hobbit is due to arrive soon…No she does not look English-Paki..She looks Hobbit……


    Make it stop! It’s me bro Loon, no LOON !!! LOL Well you have got the big hair like the islanders. I’m just saying …Prutty country side Eh Bro?

  7. Fairy Face

    Yeah well let me tell you something eelse it’s a whole lot worse on a rainy day and try playing golf at their golf course. It’s full of luttle bubbling mudholes wuth wire feences . What a friggin place to live lol? Eh bro are you sick of the “eccent ” yet? Drives me nuts.

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