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Catch Me If You Can!

Why do we have police, again?

Welcome to political friggin correctness insanity. Western Australian police have been banned from  describing OFFENDERS by their nationality, race or religion. They are now limited to just saying if the suspect is light or dark skinned. Reason? Seems using ethnic descriptions “reinforced negative stereotypes” and is basically racist. Oh for crying out loud, if they are friggin criminals who gives a shit. The objective of police is to catch the baddies, not friggin care about goddamn civil libertarian bullshit. The police commissioner is defending the policy saying that public can often get the ethnic description wrong thus hindering the investigation. Give me a friggin break and give the public some credit, surely police can use “MAYBE of Asian, African, Middle Eastern or Australian descent”. When will we stop protecting the friggin criminals and start protecting the victims? If it walks like a duck and it quacks like a duck it’s usually a friggin duck! Or is that a non mammal with feathers?

Psst You watch this law fly out the window the moment a politician or their family member becomes a victim!


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Friggin Truffles

How much would you pay for fungi? Well, billionaire Stanley Ho has just forked out $330,000 for 2 truffles in a charity auction. The white truffles, which weighed 400 and 900 grams, were dug up in Tuscany. Bon appetite fool.


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Russian Crane Fail

So, Russians build their cranes like their cars…..

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We’re Going To Be Charged To Use The Sun

You're owned!

Heavens to mergatroid, some lady in Spain has claimed ownership of the sun. Yes, our sun, the one we revolve around. Angeles Duran registered the star at a local notary public and now she’s the official owner. Hmm, and as owner she plans to slap a fee on everyone who uses the sun and give half the proceeds to the Spanish government , 20% to the nation’s pension fund, 10% to research, 10% to ending world hunger and the last 10% she’s keeping for herself. Good luck with that lady!

Psst Hmm, what’s the bet skin cancer victims will start suing her?


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Ahmadinejad Auctions His Peugeot

It might need oil!

OMG loons, want to buy a car owned by one of the World’s biggest despots? Imadinnerajacket has just announced his 1977 Peugeot 504 is going up for auction and all the proceeds will be going to the Mehr housing project. Blahahaah, how much does he think he’s going to get for a 33 year old bomb? I bet it’s friggin grey!

Psst The car is actually in his wife’s name! I know, he’s married, who knew?


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8 Things You Won’t Hear

As it’s a friggin slow news day here’s 8 things you won’t ever hear …..


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New Word Of The Week

OK people, there is a new trendy word on the block and it goes by the name of “flexisexual”. The word refers to straight women who have flings with other woman (but remain straight). If you have to, blame the  word on celeritites like Lindsay Lohan, Drew Barrymore and Angelina Jolie who have made flexisexuality fashionable. Hmm, and what was wrong with just being  “bisexual”?


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I Hear They Taste Like Chicken!

Enjoy, bobbing for turkey balls

WTF, I missed Illinois 28th annual Turkey Testicle Festival? A thousand pounds of deep fried bread-crumbed turkey gonads served in a cup and I friggin missed it. Damn you Illinois, damn you!


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My Undies Are Like A Shield Of Steel

Jeff Buske is a  legend. No seriously, a friggin legend. He’s invented  TSA scanner proof undies which guarantees your privates won’t be seen on the screen. Bravo. Yes, the “fig leaf” or “clasped hand” design contains a powdered metal which blocks the X-ray from having a perv AND the added bonus, it doesn’t set off the metal detectors.

Psst Just hope that powdered metal doesn’t make your balls drop off!


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Someone Stole My Friggin Peaches

Rot in hell devil's spawn

Goddamn bastards!!! Someone stole all the friggin peaches off my tree. WTF!!!! Yes, it was loaded with near ripe fruit. I hope you get the biggest friggin stomachache in the world you little shits…oh and lip curl. You could have at least left me ONE!!!


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