Not The Friggin Mamee Doll

How long do we have to hide?

Note to self, don’t be sending Oprah no “Mamee” washer woman doll as a welcome pressie to Down Under. Seems Ms O isn’t all that fond of golliwogs. The Dafel Dolls and Bears shop in Melbourne has been asked to remove their Mamee dolls from its display to avoid offending Oprah or members of her mobile audience. Might want to hide the Noddy books too while you’re at it.Harry Connick wasn’t available for comment.


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10 responses to “Not The Friggin Mamee Doll

  1. megagetoverit

    How is Oprah going to dodge our unique BLACK BOY trees in the outback(new political correct name is grass trees) ….Bulldoze them I say…Can’t offend a Yank now can we…What the hell are they thinking in Melbourne…selling black dolls?…disgusting to say the least..Hide our indiginous mob as well as to not offend…Geee what we do for our black visitors. Nobody got rid of the white dolls when I visited the USA. Shows how rude they are…Disgusting….

  2. Oprah is such the queen bee-atch.

    • Sssshhhhh, don’t say it too loudly she might hear you. O, Gayle and her mobile audience are friggin everywhere. They should unleash some really Aussie shit on her…redback spiders, beer sculling competitions, double gees (prickles), bogans, and a Chiko Roll. That should send her packing back to the States with her audience between her legs 🙂 .

    • Fairy Face

      She is a black doll lol but no no no she ain’t gay, no siree! I saw her shed a tear on the news tonight over that. Hell don’t come to Hepburn then lovey as that’s all you’ll see. They’ll be lining the streets just to get a look at you for as far as they’re concerned you are actually gay. They also noted that she’ll be in Federation Square in the afternoon so a quicky helecopter rise must be in order too. Don’t come here Oprah. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • I have a sneaking suspicion FF you will be there with your camera snapping away in your disguise 🙂

      • Fairy Face

        Oh no I won’t I’m going over to Sunshine tomorrow to do a bit of shopping for my garden. Need to spruce it up before Christmas and I need a wreath for the door either the door or I’ll murder my nother so it could be used for both lol…….. Oh shit where’s that parrot? I saw nutting !!!!!

      • Fairy Face

        Sorry Bearman that’s suppposed to be mother.

  3. Susi Spice I’ll miss her.

  4. If it was yellow or whit would she have bitched?

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