WTF Is That?

If you go into the Louisiana woods today you’re sure of a big friggin surprise. A deer hunter got the freak scared out of him when he stumbled across this thing in the dark. Despite the hunter saying it is definitely not a hoax, he’s getting a dissing from commenters on the Wildgame Innovations website he posted the vid on.



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19 responses to “WTF Is That?

  1. Fairy Face

    So he just happened to have his video camera handy? Hmm if I cant get me a deer I’ll get me a spook. Well that seems normal doesn’t it?…. Not? AND it let him film him, that is if it is a him.

  2. Fairy Face

    Come to think of it Loon maybe it’s Spiderman in his Pjs. It’s that old Spiderman pose is it not?

  3. Now now Fairy it could just be a set of head lights, leaves and a good paint brush program.
    Or it could even be nothing but leaves and a black ground with a bad paint prush program.

    Then spiderman is good too.

  4. Fairy Face

    Headlights nah!!!! Spiderman maybe. Whatever it is I’m glad I’m not meeting it. It looks a tad scary.

  5. Gruff Guano

    Is that Ross Perot ? He is missing since that field trip in Louisiana in ’97. He must have survived sucking swamp algae for nourishment.

    • Gruff shit, you are back? Well friggin about time 🙂

      • Gruff Guano

        Thanks, Loon. 🙂 Back, kind of. Still not very inspired to start writing posts. What was supposed to be a few days off, turned into weeks, and then months. A lot going on. And if I think about it, I shouldn’t make blogging a priority. So I’ll mostly be reading what you guys come up with, and will try commenting now and again.

  6. Why dont’ you ever provide links for us??

  7. okay, if i was in the woods and saw that, i would die, shit myself, and run. at no point would i be documenting this. yowzers.

  8. Hoax or not, the picture alone is going to give me nightmares!

  9. Just give Gollum the ring and he’ll go away.

  10. megagetoverit

    I recognise that Loon look anywhere…video or pic..

  11. I saw that thing climbing my walls when I was coming down off of an accidental overdose of Red Bull and B12.

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