Hey, You’re Not Autistic!

Oh for crying out loud Mark Anthony Richardson Jr what the hell were you thinking? Junior admitted to acting severely autistic , wearing diapers, drinking from a baby’s bottle and using a pacifier to con babysitters into looking after him. Ewh! The babysitters told the cops he got sexually aroused when they changed his diapers. One even got her boob squeezed. Junior used Craigslist (of course!) to find potential victims.

Psst Oh, give the dude a break, he’s only 4 ft 9″ and lives in Oklahoma.


Filed under Friggin Hilarious, I'm Just Saying !, They Live Among Us !, Well I Never

3 responses to “Hey, You’re Not Autistic!

  1. Fairy Face

    Little Devil lol!

  2. I think he watched the “Slow Donnie” episode of Just Shoot Me one too many times.

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