Start Learning To Pluck Those Banjos Switzerland

Wow, Switzerland are currently proposing to decriminalize incest. Yep, you heard right. If a parent wants to sleep with his or her adult child or siblings want to get down and dirty with each other, who is the Swiss government to stand in their way.  A spokesperson for the Justice Department said “Incest continues to be a taboo in our society, but it’s not up to criminal law to stop every morally reprehensible aspect of behavior.” Dear god, just what the world needs, friggin inbreeding. Good luck with that!


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7 responses to “Start Learning To Pluck Those Banjos Switzerland

  1. Start the banjos indeed.

  2. Fairy Face

    As if the Swiss aren’t bad enough now without giving incest the all clear. Well now we know why they’re the way they are. I find it quite disturbing that the powers that be have no real problem with it, that alone is alarming. Shit Loon we have to let the Kiwis know then they can head over there instead of here.

  3. Fairy Face

    They are boring and this ” wait till Iclean up the house before you come over ” is the biggest turn off for overseas guests. Never mind that they nearly wrecked mine when they brought the kids to Oz. No way will I ever go and see then again ever. They offered me a wedge of cheesecake and I mean “WEDGE”. At my palce you can eat the whole damned cake if you want.

  4. megagetoverit

    So who runs Switzerland? Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus? Back to the stone age for mankind…next

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