No Time For Fun and Games

Stand up and take a bow Swansea police for your lateral thinking. When a man threatened to jump from the roof of a multi-storey car park, the police grabbed a bouncy castle to break his fall. The stand off lasted 7 hours but police managed to coax him down without having to use the castle. Hmm, were health and safety notified?

Psst Where’s a friggin bouncy castle when you need it?


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6 responses to “No Time For Fun and Games

  1. Fairy Face

    How convenient was that Loon? He must have sussed it out though. Who’d have thought there would be a castle handy. With my luck the castle would bust or send me flying back up to the roof . Lolol

  2. Fall=32 feet per seconds per seconds
    Weight time’s velocity squared
    12 feet per floor X 7 = 84 feet give or take. Less than 2 sec
    About 70 mph into a 2 foot thick padding of air in a rubber and nylon container.
    Thinking, Thinking He’s dead, flat as a slow cat on a super highway, Kaput, goner.

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