Dancing Santa

That sure ain’t jingle bells he’s dancing to ….. Santa should say NO to drugs.


Filed under Friggin Hilarious, Well I Never, You Go Girl!

5 responses to “Dancing Santa

  1. Looks like he was just directing traffic.

  2. Chicky

    son, im gonna tell u this just one time, you wanna keep working here… stay off the drugs…

  3. The man’s an imposter – Santa’s much fatter !!!

  4. Dancing’s O.K. – it’s telling rude jokes gets you the sack

  5. Fairy Face

    He’s kind of cute you have to admit and he was enjoying himself. lolol He’d better watch out that someone doesn’t dump him in that blue bin behind him.
    I’ve noticed here in Oz too SANTAS (cover yor ears kids) must be on Jenny Craig as they are all much slimmer now.
    Anywho the worset thing that could happen to this one is that someone runs over him and I actually thought the last four wheel drive was going to. Go Santa!!

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