Why Doesn’t My Postie Try Cheering Me Up?

Special delivery

OK, here’s the thing Mr Postman, delivering the mail in the nude is going to get you a friggin lewd and lascivious behavior charge, even if you were just trying to cheer up a stressed out female worker. The 52 year old delivered the mail to the woman in  her office in Whitefish Bay (Wisconsin)  stark naked  because she seemed  unhappy. The postie now admits it was probably a stupid thing to do. Hmm, ya think?


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5 responses to “Why Doesn’t My Postie Try Cheering Me Up?

  1. Fairy Face

    Couldn’t he just buy her some flowers or chocolates like everyone else lol? He probably scard the s..t out of her with his wikileaks. Poor woman, now she’s really traumatised.

  2. Just ask first.
    “Hi I see you seem to be a bit down in the dumps today what could I do to cheer you up?”

    “Will I was thinking if you would take off everything and show up at the school with my sack lunch. It would make me really happy and I’m sure all the kids would get a great kick out of it too.”
    “Okay I’ll be there today.”
    “See you at noon.”
    So you got the sick O stalker to leave you alone and it only took you traumatizing 150 or more kids. Good Job.

  3. Doesn’t he know it is COLD in Wisconsin this part of the year….Shrinkage.

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