No Friggin Takers!

There goes the neighborhood!

Gee Austrians aren’t very entrepreneurial, they’re going to pull down the former house of  nasty incest monster, Josef Fritzl. Sheez, if that was American it would be a museum or dismantled and sent to the Smithsonian. Anywho, the dungeon where Elisabeth was kept as a sex slave by her daddy for 24 years and gave birth to 7 children will be leveled because developers couldn’t sell it for love or money. Even after it’s demolished it’s believed a domestic violence awareness centre will be built there instead of houses.


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8 responses to “No Friggin Takers!

  1. Fairy Face

    I can’t believe you’re posting about him today. I went to get fish and chips and there was a guy sitting waiting for his order and he was a dead ring in for FRITZL. I think he knew what I was thinking when I looked at him. I must have had that look of horror on my face as you’d never think you’re gonna see a monster like this guy. I’m glad they’re pulling down that house. They should have pulled down the place where my daughter’s two friends were murdered by that nut job. The only consolation is that the WA police shot him dead in his tracks when he fled interstate. The girl’s unit sold but for a rock bottom price. The other unit was his so the one he lived in so there was no reason not to demolish it. I think if they’d been my girls I’d have burned it to the ground. At least that nutter got what he deserved. Ftitzl’s still living in denial.

  2. Hey FF, you don’t reckon Mel Gibson is going a little Fritzl?

  3. Cut off both arms at the shoulders both legs at the hip and his tongue then put him in the sex afenders ward for life.

    Have fun guys.

  4. megagetoverit

    Stop picking on the mentally insane…what if that was you? Hmmm? Ok, kill him…next.

  5. Fairy Face

    Tweezer every day, I feel your pain !!

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