You Can’t Ban The Friggin Tron Guy!!!

Oh for crying out loud, a cinema in Minnesota is banning the Tron guy (aka Jay Maynard) from viewing the new 3D Tron movie in his famous costume. Damn you to hell, the dude’s a friggin legend….plus he commented right here on the Friggin Loon way back in 2009 when I pulled the piss on him.

It ain't THAT bad!!!


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11 responses to “You Can’t Ban The Friggin Tron Guy!!!

  1. He kinda looks like me when I get out of the shower.

  2. He can come but he has to turn those damn lights out.

  3. Fairy Face

    LOL I remember that one Loon

  4. Make him set in the top back row.
    Make him stand out side for two days. Free add-vo.
    My God man make him wear a cup.
    I’ll tell him the color is wrong go get the right color then come back.
    I’ll tell him (why in Gods green earth am I telling him anything)

  5. Chicky

    GGGOOOO TRON GUY!!! *cheerleader cheer*

    this guy is a friggin legend, he earnt my respect when he didnt get upset when we were all pulling the piss on him.


    do you have a cousin downunder Jay Maynard cause yesterday I saw a guy in a Storm Trooper costume at the place where I buy my lunch everyday hehe.

    jay! jay! jay! jay!

  6. I don’t see a dress code posted anywhere in the local theater, or in the Tron trailers for that matter …

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