Dude, you can’t sue a Santa parade

OK, maybe you can. A Toronto man wants $500,000 after some clown threw a frozen miniature candy bar into a crowd and hit him in the eye. The man now claims he suffers blurred vision and has developed Bell’s palsy. The unidentified clown, the parade organizers and the board have all been named in the lawsuit. Hmm, who the hell has friggin clowns at a Santa parade?


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3 responses to “Dude, you can’t sue a Santa parade

  1. Fairy Face

    Canada do lol. This should be an interesting. Candy Cane ~ Candy Bar?
    Battlefield High may be watching this one closely.

  2. And the suite goes on and tear drops falling
    As candy fall like rain.
    Give him a half a million so he can sue again

    I ask you again now do you see
    (only a little bit out of one eye but that is not the point)
    why so many people are afraid of those horrible clowns.

  3. oh, Toronto, you never fail to make me shake my head in wonder… ;P

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