No Snowflake, It Wasn’t Santa!

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
An intruder was vomiting, what a damn friggin louse!
A very pissed Lester Bagwell broke into a house in Howard county then used the toilet before upchucking all over the place.Merry Christmas Allan Temby and family, I hope it wasn’t on your carpet!


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11 responses to “No Snowflake, It Wasn’t Santa!

  1. I got up this morning to find one of the pups had been sick on the kitchen floor (and left a poo by the back door) – pigged out too much on the turkey and cranberry biscuits in their doggy selection box yesterday 😦

  2. Fairy Face

    Lololol just what you need first thing in the morning Duncan. I hate doggie vomit. It’s somehow worse than human vomit.

    • Cat vomit ain’t particularly special, especially when stepping in it in bare feet 😦

      • Fairy Face

        Or dog wee on the sheepskin she’s supposed to sleep on. Thought I wouldn’t see it. Loon I bumped into the women who keeps the sheep inside. She was working at the Mill Market today and was sad because her BUNNIE got run over. It got out on the road and wouldn’t come back when she called it. OMG. Disobedient racal rabbit!

      • Blahhaahahhha nothing worse than a disobedient friggin bunny. Oh well,roadkill 😦

      • Fairy Face

        This is what I love about your blog Loon. It’s never boring. It’s never about you or your bad days. No poor me stuff, just regular stuff about murders, poisonings, dog pee and cat vomit. All the stuff we’ve learned to live with. I wonder what you have in store for us in 2011? I can hardly wait.

  3. The only thing that lives in the house with me are mice and a few fleas.

    They both seem to eat well. LOL

  4. “It’s never about you or your bad days. ” (Fairy Face on loon’s blog)

    Oh ho, holding back on the really weird stuff, eh? 😉 😆

  5. Fairy Face

    Yeah but Dunc the weird stuff isn’t about The Loon. Come on you gotta love the weird stuff. I do lol. I have to admit though anything about cannibals leaves me squeamish.

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