Not The Friggin London Eye!

Holy Christmas terrorist plot Batman. Nine men have been arrested in England suspected of planning to kaboom the London Eye, the Stock Exchange and Mayor Boris Johnson, though not in any particular order. Oh and The Dean of St Paul’s Cathedral, two rabbis and the US Embassy were also on their list.   The men, mostly of Bangladeshi origin , were all denied bail.


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4 responses to “Not The Friggin London Eye!

  1. Fairy Face

    See not if, WHEN! It will happen, nothing surer. Nobody is safe anymore.

  2. I think they were just building really, really, really, really big firecrackers. What is all the fuss about?

    • Hmm, with a few building kaboomed, the London Olympic marathon will be much easier to plot don’t you think?

    • Fairy Face

      Yeah and a couple of years back they tried to sneak a few into our Holdsworthy Army Baraacks to kill our soldiers. I bet they get about 10 years max.
      I see they HANGED an Iraqi spy the other day. No mucking about there.

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