So What You’re Saying is NO?

As if lady!

Honey , Sweetie, darl when approaching a Darwin taxi driver for a little sex on the side, you might want to think about having a shower first. Dean the cabbie picked up the woman outside a tavern and she soon asked if he wanted to have sex…his response…”If you saw the girl you’d have to be pretty desperate. She was a very big fat ugly woman, she got in the car and stunk it out.” In other words, Dean politely declined the offer but then things got nasty. The enraged sheila began swearing, cursing and kicking, then got out of the taxi for some more swearing, kicking and cursing before she threw a bottle through the rear window.Hmm, no one puts the fat, ugly , smelly woman in the corner (even in Darwin)!


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7 responses to “So What You’re Saying is NO?

  1. I guess she couldn’t read the “No Fat Chicks Allowed” on the bumper sticker.

  2. Chicky

    its darwin….need we say more???

  3. Fairy Face

    When I was there even the indigenous who used to be stick thin are looking a tad curvacious … no let’s just say fat! This western fast food is not as good as witchedy grubs. Their bodies aren’t coping with Macers.

    • You should see the Japanese since Maccas arrived… pimples and belly rolls. They have trouble now squeezing into their tiny homes 😦 Does my arse look fat in this kimono?

      • Fairy Face

        Yeah they’re toturing the material a bit lately. The zits are a bit of a tun off almost exloding by themselves. When they ask you to take a photo of them you have to stand well back.

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