What Justice?

OMG, you are better off to be a criminal in Australia, not only are the sentences pathetic but you can also spend your time in prison suing the state for negligence and receiving a shit load of compo. Alan Brown, who has never had a driver’s license,  has had more than 100 convictions for drink driving, has killed two people in separate accidents and is currently serving 14 years for the death of his latest victim, Margaret Loveday. In 2007 a Loddon Prison garden shed roller door accidentally closed on him so he sued the State of Victoria for negligence and won, claiming he not only suffered a painful injury but also suffered psychological damaged to boot. Guess how much he was awarded? $120,000. Hmm, I wonder how much the victims of his crimes received?


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4 responses to “What Justice?

  1. megagetoverit

    Could we sue the country for having a negligent law system…that’s got to be worth millions….Hmmmm….oy…wikile…..

  2. Fairy Face

    Mega they graduate as lawyers from Austrlian jails. Take Julian Knight ” The Hoddle Street Murderer”. He’s a lifer with no parole who studied “LAW” God save us!!
    8 years here for murder here and 53 years for the Leb guys who gang raped the Aussie girl who befriended them on a train no less and willingly went off to smoke dope. I know that no means no but some women put themselves in these precarious situations and when the shit hits the fan well it’s “poor me” . It should never have happened but I feel it she was a little more discriminating this may have been avoided. 53 years was one of the longest sentences ever passsed down in Oz.

  3. Fairy Face

    I have to say that’s one thing the Yanks get right. They know how to hand down a decent sentence and we should take a leaf out of their judicial system handbook because if you kill someone over there at least you get life. My brother was a criminal lawyer in Melbourne and he says that sadly it can also depend on the judge. That shouldn’t even come into it!

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