My, What Strong Teeth You Have

and they aren't even mine!

A big old shout out to the 92 year old man who spent two hours chewing through masking tape after two bastards bound him to a chair and robbed his house.The elderly man let the two men into his house to use the phone after they told him their car had broken down. That’s when they grabbed him and duct him to a chair.The scum got away with $400 in cash and took off in his Ford pickup. I hope there is a special place reserved in hell for people like that.


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15 responses to “My, What Strong Teeth You Have

  1. It is people like them that got the two little girl scouts stop by the cops after knocking on my door. I thought they were trying to rob me.

  2. Fairy Face

    How good was he? What a great old man!

  3. megagetoverit

    Bless the old boy for putting up with his tormentors…Did somebody call these freaks PEOPLE? Scum like that does not belong to the human race and should be put down. These creatures breed more scum which threaten mankinds long term existance. Like weeds in a garden…they will take over if not totally removed…. One such scum smashed through my 76 year old mothers lounge room window one evening, took a screw driver to her neck, decked her to the ground and dragged her around the house by her leg looking for her hand bag… as a result my poor old mum has suffered serious anxiety for the past five years and lives with a cracked spine making her more cripple by the day… The police did little about it claiming that this happens every day and that it has become just a pain in the arse for them. No attempts where made to find the intruder even after I did my own investigation and supplied the police with 2 CCTV tapes from 2 ATM’s where he drew all my mothers savings from her account. Kill them … I truly mean it…

  4. It annoys me when scum like this are finally apprehended & then the courts let them off with a slap on the wrist type punishment. Lock them in a room with the victims family & a few crowbars. Or tie a rope around their nuts & onto a car’s towbar then give the victim the car keys. Once they are finished with throw their stinking good for nothing carcasses on the roof for the crows

  5. Fairy Face

    Nice to see that he’s still got a sense of humour. Perhaps he will be more discriminating as to who het lets inside. I hope so anyway.

  6. Chicky

    lets just string them up by the balls on a pole upside down, and give them to some lions as a scratching post

  7. Fairy Face

    I was reading the other day…. in a country far far away a man was doused with acid and was blinded. I believe the good magistrate ordered the offender to be blinded by means of that same acid and I think an amputation of his hand. Now that is justice.! Eye for an eye so to speak. Sadly in Oz we think that it ‘s barbaric to impose such penalties but the murdering mutilating raping SOBS are still getting off with that slap on the wrist type sentence while our old people are scared out of their wits for what’s left of their lives. Many end up usually having to go into care for fear of further attacks. I on the other hand would be only too happy to oblige if they ever so much as touch a hair on the head of any member of my family. They would never be safe again inside or out. We are all capable of doing it when it comes to our kids or our family. It brings out the worst in us. Not many could turn the other cheek or forgive their enemy.

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