Last Jesus Sighting Of The Year

And the last Jesus sighting of the year goes to Karen Sigler from Indiana who believes Jesus appeared in her chest X-ray just above her heart.

or Darth Vader?


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8 responses to “Last Jesus Sighting Of The Year

  1. Fairy Face

    Tapeworm? no heartworm. How you get Jesus out of that is beyong me. Anyway I saw him on one of my dinner plates before so it can’t be him. He was here with me.

  2. I did see the face of death or a really bad tattoo on her back. I vote for tapeworm.

    I thought I saw Jesus one night in the rain trying to stop me from drive off a road that had washed away. My friend told me it wasn’t and I said it was, so I drove right at him to prove my point. It wasn’t and that dam city worker put quite a dent in my car. The nerve of him.

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