Yeah, About Your Niece and Nephew!

Hi gran!

British scaffolder Charlie Lowden secretly donated sperm to his lesbian aunt so she could have two children with her partner. HOWEVER, the secret was revealed to his stunned parents after Charlie (20) died unexpectedly during routine surgery. Surprise, you’re grandparents! Despite the initial shock of discovering their niece and nephew were really their grandkids, Charles and Lynn Lowden say they are over the moon that a little piece of Charlie was left behind.

Psst I know what you are thinking, here’s hoping it was the aunt’s partner who provided the eggs!


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3 responses to “Yeah, About Your Niece and Nephew!

    Sorry Loon I was thinking what a set of sick puppys. Do you think we can get them to join our group.

  2. Fairy Face

    What a tangled web we weave when we practise to deceive. So he was much younger than 20 when all this shit started. EWH!

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