Took 20 Minutes To Deliver My Pizza

OK, for all the people who bought Jamie Oliver’s 30 Minute Meals, sucked in! Seems he fibbed a tad on how long it would take to make each meal. Might want to put a few hours aside and empty your wallet. To make the recipes it will require $455 of kitchen equipment, a shit load more for the expensive ingredients and a maid to clean up the friggin mess when you’re done. Hmm, takes three minutes tops for Burger King to whip up a Whopper!!!!

Psst His book is currently the fastest selling non-fiction title of all time (in Britain presumably).


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28 responses to “Took 20 Minutes To Deliver My Pizza

  1. Shelley’s homemade “Mama Pizzas” as I call them don’t take too long & they are my favourite

  2. Wait, I thought Jamie Oliver was that other one, the good looking blond one. I just can’t keep track of these Australian chefs these days.

    I hope you have a Stupendous New Year and an amazing 2011!!

  3. Fairy Face

    Happy New Year Aussies we are already officially in the year 2011. Woo Hoo !!!

  4. You see, this is why I love America. We celebrate the new year in a more civilized time zone, doing civilized things like dropping a ball on people, eating from the frozen food aisle a la microwave, and we spell civilize right unlike the rest of English speaking countries. I hope one day Australia reaches the heights of America. Good luck , mate!

    Happy New Year everywhere!!!!!

  5. Fairy Face

    Yep ‘y’all’ certainly march to the beat of your own drum that’s for sure. lol. That’s ‘p’rolly’ why you are better spellers too. lol Stay way from those microwaves in the ailses too Lisa you don’t want to gain weight now do you? Yes one day we may reach those dizzy heights of the yanks but please God not for a while yet. Oh and one thing more God , never place microwaves in OUR supermarkets, obesity is just getting out of control.

  6. Honey, baby, sweetheart,
    least I show my real face and a most lovely face it is. What I mean is we have microwaveable food in supermarkets. You take it home and microwave it for a tasty, nutritious snack. I forget y’all don’t speak no American over there prolly ’cause y’all are a bunch of Austrians.

    • Fairy Face

      Austrians? No not really and my real face was on here before your time you just missed it. Like most on The Loon I use my gravatar as I always feel that if you’re just a blogger so no need for the world to know you personally unless that’s what you’re looking for. My facebook has my face and all of my family there so that’s enough for me.
      Yes do have packaged food designed for the microwave but it’s not something I eat as we have lots of fresh produce and beautiful fruit and veggies growing in most our gardens so we tend to cook and eat healthy. Eating crap makes you fat and sluggish and cognitively it affects you too. We are what we eat after all. Lots of fresh food and drink plenty of water and you feel so much better. Presently our trees a dripping with cherries but it’s finding time to pick it all.
      Also like STYNE ‘American’ isn’t really a language . We have our ocker too but it’s whether or not you choose to adopt it or not. I usually prefer to stick to the Queen’s English that way we are usually understood everywhere we go and I don’t want sound like a redneck. In school we are taught English and whatever country you may live in you tend to adopt that accent but basically it’s all English.

      • You know how it is, Loon! I see an Austrian in need of cheer for the new year and I pounce because we Americans make the best treasure trolls.

      • Fairy Face

        Geez you’re up! morning Loon, overnight I’m and AUSTRIAN lol WHO’D HAVE GUESSED? So far I’m having a DIDO kind of day. I love this CD. So we’ll start the year off on a Dido kind of note.

        Hope it opens , she has such a relazing kind of voice,
        How hot was WA yesterday?

      • More like how hot will it be today 😦 4 day scorcher coming our way and a nice little cyclone to top it all off.

      • You two friggin crack me up and I still haven’t finished my Berocca 🙂

      • Fairy Face

        Oops relaxing that is and here’s another of hers. My goodness I didn’t realise Dido turned 40 on Christmas Day.

      • Fairy Face

        Yeah I heard you were getting more hot weather . It’s back to 26 today and just nice for lazing around playing cds.
        Berocca?? Loon were you on the grog last night? Also I just saw that Fevola got arrested last night in Brisbane . Better suss that out.

    • megagetoverit

      The USA is one of very few if not the only country on Earth / Universe… that has no language of its own……just saying..

      • Fairy Face

        Come on Mega you know that’s not entirely true. We know for a fact they speak bullshit, cut them some slack here. They THINK it’s a different language. Why only this morning I was AUSTRIAN not even a £10 migrant AUST… RAL…IAN and as far as I know I must still be. Here I was thinking I was Scottish all these years. Phew, who’d have guessed? I suppose no point arguing that one as I couldn’t possibly win. Even if I produced a birth certificate.

  7. Happy New Year, loons !!! 😆

    • Fairy Face

      You too Dunc is it snowing where you are? It was almost 40 here yesterday but this morning looks like it might be a cooler kind of day. Now tell me did you first foot?

  8. Esta bien. Hablamos la mierda de toro grande. No es escosesa. Es de austriana, me querida! Te amo!

  9. Fairy Face

    Talk about big bullshit Ti amo…… God I hope not !

  10. I just want your beautiful soul, but those ears could do something for me if I squint.

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