I’ll Drink To That

Can anyone name the “drunkest” city in America? If you said Milwaukee, have a drink. On average they guzzle around 13 drinks a month. The other greatest cities  on earth include Fargo, San Francisco, Austin and Reno.


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3 responses to “I’ll Drink To That

  1. 13 drinks a MONTH ???

    That’s not even 1 a day – friggin amateurs (hic) 🙄

    • Fairy Face

      The crowd I had at New Year could beat that in a couple of hours easy peasy lol I don’t call that drinking Loon! Whoever gathered those stats he must have been drunk. Mine all left sanding up and talking quite coherently too. Alcoholics.,what do yo expect half Polish half Scottish but MADE IN AUSTRALIA ?

    • megagetoverit

      We do 13 for breakfast in Aussie….I’m with you Duncanr (hic)…

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