Friggin Locust Egg Beds

OMG, whilst I’m on the theme of Armageddon, farmers in rural Victoria have unearthed beds of locust eggs some 15m long. Plague! Plague! Plague! So far the Department of Primary Industries has had 430 reports of locust egg beds.If they hatch it will be a second generation locust nightmare. The area is only just recovering from the initial plague. So why hasn’t Hollywood got wind of this?


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4 responses to “Friggin Locust Egg Beds

  1. megagetoverit

    Man eating Locust. The Day of the Locust. Locust Porn. Korean Locust sucks Brains. Chucky the Locust Child. Come on Hollywood I’m running out of ideas……

  2. Fairy Face

    Well the little buggers are still here. Maybe they like living in a GAY town.

  3. chicky

    now we just need fire to rain down from the sky and we all better start praying lol

  4. Fairy Face

    Why hsn’t Hollywood got wind of this yet?????? That’s it Loon Oprah was supposed to come here but there were locusts around so she didn’t show up. Now, had she come she would have seen the damn things and Hollywood would have been alerted. . It’s Oprahs fault ….Biatch!!!

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