Drug Cartel Gets All Touchy-Feely

Well the good people of Mexico can breath easy this month after the La Familia drug cartel announced it was taking a month off. Yes, no more murders, decapitations, drug trafficking or kidnappings for a whole month. Seems the cartel are pissed that they are getting the blame for all the mayhem and murders in the country. In a one page letter, which was distributed by email and in some cities door by door, they state they will have a one month truce to prove the cartel “is not responsible for the criminal acts federal authorities are reporting to the media.” Sheez, your noses just poked me in the eye!! What friggin PR firm did they hire?


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2 responses to “Drug Cartel Gets All Touchy-Feely

  1. Fairy Face

    They’ll just kill a few more to make it SEEM that way. Who’d live there or even visit now ?

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