Just Doing My Job

And the insensitive award of the week goes to the Las Vegas police for handing a jaywalking ticket to the mom of a 13 year old who was being rushed into the operating theater. The girl, who had been placed into an induced coma, had been hit by a car and thrown 125 ft as she tried to keep up with friends as they crossed the street. Takara Davis’ mom was appalled that police would choose that moment to book her daughter and then hand  her the ticket.


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11 responses to “Just Doing My Job

  1. I suppose they could have been thinking: “just in case death doesn’t teach her a lesson.” 😯

  2. They call it a “theater” down under? Does anyone get to watch?

  3. That police officer is what you’d call a “jobsworth”

  4. They probably tried to hand the girl the ticket but she would not take it. I’d had given her another ticket for flying from the scene of the accident.

  5. Fever Beaver

    unbelieveable on two accounts:
    1. idiot policeman
    2. Loon made a grammatical error! haha Davis’s??? what are you a graduate from Kentucky High 323??

  6. pseudocognitive

    I blame the press. This never should have made the news. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Number 2: What happens in Vegas STAYS IN VEGAS. 3rd RULE: If a jaywalker hit by a car, says “stop” or goes limp, taps out, the police jaywalking investigation is over.

  7. pseudocognitive

    I guess what I’m saying is that it’s the fault of the press AND the cops. The press broke Rules of Vegas Numbers 1 and 2, and the cops broke Number 3. Come on Loon, how ’bout putting me in your Friggin Blogroll? I can’t keep at this game without a few more page views; otherwise, I am puttin’ stuff up there for just me and the people who live in the house above my basement to look at. As it is, two months of trying to make a blog has already tripped five or six ADD circuit breakers in me cranium;-)

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