Underaged or Dead

Honey, sweetie, darl you are going about this all wrong. Remember Dustin Radke? He was one of three men convicted in 2006 of trying to dig up a woman’s body in a cemetery so they could have sex with it. Anywho, he’s back in court for allegedly having sex with a 14 year old. Sheez and to make it all the worse the maximum term of imprisonment may be upped  because he’s considered a repeat sex offender (despite his first victim being dead). That could be up to 80 years in prison. Prison? Send him to a sexual rehab clinic.


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14 responses to “Underaged or Dead

  1. I’ve slept with some dead women too in my day…badum dum. BACK in ACTION!!

  2. stole my thunder bearman…I was going to comment on her being a dead root.

  3. When he said “Sure, I can dig you up a date” he wasn’t kidding.


  4. megagetoverit

    I thought one could only ever dig a good root…hmmm never done it before ..what would I know…and don’t call me a wanker..Loon..

  5. Fairy Face

    How can any man think like this???? It’s beyond comprehension and it would be smelly. Yukki pee pee!

  6. Fairy Face

    Geez how long had she been planted? Well yes, stiff gross and rotting would also apply and his pee pee woud end up stiff gross and rotting.
    The whole scenario is disturbing.

  7. This is to gross for even me. I’d just like to know where he found my wife at.

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