Maybe It’s Time To Panic

Holy Francis of Assisi Batman,  8,000 turtle doves have fallen from the skies in Italy  with blue stains of their beaks! Horrified residents in Faenza ran for cover when thousands of turtle doves began raining down on them. The poor little feathered creatures had mysterious blue stains on their beaks which experts believe may have  been caused by poison or hypoxia. WTF is hypoxia you may well ask? Lack of oxygen and a common precursor to altitude sickness. The cold weather may have caused the birds to fly into a high altitude wind storm. I  just might check my Mayan calendar.  Hmm, 21st of December 2012 you say?


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9 responses to “Maybe It’s Time To Panic

  1. Fever Beaver

    fine if the world is going to end i guess i should plan on getting laid at least once before then…guess its time to throw out my standards…

    hey we need to come up with a song!
    “we are gonna party like its 20 Dec 2012” na na na na na na..

  2. How’s about “Another Bird Bites The Dust and another ones gone and another ones gone”

  3. Well hypoxia sure beats my “blue ice from passing jets” explanation!

  4. I found a dead robin stuck in my truck grill does that mean anything?

  5. I did see the batcar parked at KFC.

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