How Do You Solve A Problem Like Michael?

OK here’s the thing Sound of Music lover, when going to the cinema to watch Julie Andrews twirling on the hills and the friggin picture goes blurry for 5 minutes, don’t be smashing up  the lobby’s entire concession stand.That’s an arresting right there. Michael Harrington  (56) from Cambridge was friggin furious when the musical went out of focus so he smashed all the items at the stand (including the cash register). Hmm, I would have gone ballistic if I had to sit through the film, even in focus!


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10 responses to “How Do You Solve A Problem Like Michael?

  1. Hey, hey there. I LOVED that movie! Maybe not as much as Mr. Harrington, but we’re talking Julies Andrews here!

  2. I think she is older then my grandmother.

    • Fairy Face

      So your grandmother is hot too? Lol.
      I’m with Loon though. My daughter loved it as a kid and when we went to the video store we had to warn her NOT to rent it. Those Von Trapp kids were so sickly sweet weren’t they? The kind of kid your mother wished you’d be lol

      • I have tried so many times but I have never been able to watch it the whole way through. Blahahaha but one of the girls in the film was Penny Robinson from Lost In Space.

  3. I think Mr. Harrington was confused with the scene which had the soft focus effect to reduce the effect of the bad acting

  4. Fever Beaver

    i love the sound of music…

    and all you haters are closet lovers!

  5. I like it until they get married…then it is boring.

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