Fred Phelps Plans To Picket Tuscon Funerals

Oh for crying out loud, who let the asshole out? Hmm, why doesn’t bad things happen to bad people . Fred Phelps rants on YouTube about congress woman Gabrielle Giffords ….


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9 responses to “Fred Phelps Plans To Picket Tuscon Funerals

  1. If I could, I’d attend every counter-protest there was to try to shut this fool up! 😡

    BTW, Duncan is forcing me to laugh at your expense over on his Why Can’t We Walk Straight ? post! 😳

  2. He’s the doppelganger of The Tall Man from the Phantasm movies. But he’s way more evil.

  3. These guys really do put the fun back into fundamentalism

    I studied a few of their posters a while back, excuse the plug:

  4. Fever Beaver


    pull plug on this guy ..someone… anyone??

  5. I don’t want to hear the NAACP, KKK, PINK, Michael Moore or him, but this is the good old USA. If we make him shout his mouth then who’s next.

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