World’s Oldest Dad Quits Sex

Ewh, ewh, ewh, Ramjeet Raghav the 94 year old Indian man who has just become a father for the first time has called a halt to his “three times a night” sex sessions with wifey for the sake of the bub. Despite saying he loves having sex every night, he wants to focus on his new son, Karamjit, for the time being! Hmm, what with working 9 hours a day digging fields (for $20 a week) and all nighters with the missus, something had to give. Bless, so thoughtful.


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16 responses to “World’s Oldest Dad Quits Sex

  1. 94, three times a night, and this is his first kid? I’m not sure whether to say he’s been doing something terribly wrong or something wonderfully right!

  2. What the hell was I thinking? A 94 year old who can get a woman to have sex with him 3 times a night MUST be doing something very well! He should dump that field work and make some real money giving lessons! 😀

  3. megagetoverit

    ….primitive idiot….is the wife a goat?

  4. His wife must be very energetic too, or a very sound sleeper…

  5. Aww, bless his cotton socks. And his cotton condom. Because that’s probably what he uses.

  6. Fairy Face

    Oh Loon that photo of her with her baby is beautiful. I think that is one of those images that will pop up over and over again lke some out of war torn countries. Ah true love. I know sometimes you don’t take me serioulsy but I love it. I do really!

  7. Those star wipes added a real “Michael Bay-esk” production feel to that slide show.

  8. Fever Beaver

    step up step up and get your bets here! red hot bets right here!

    im paying $2.50 to 1 on the best that the wife has been doing the neighbours son and that is the real father of the child

    im paying $100000 to 1 that he is not the father of this child…

  9. Fever Beaver

    omg south park did this episode with Tron guy, dancing guy from youtube, the britney spears ultra fan crying gay dude…omg so funny. just thought id tell you about it loon haha.

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