It’s Kevin Rudd’s Fault?

Oh yes, Australia has it’s very own Fred Phelps. Remember Daniel Nalliah from the Catch the Fire Ministries? He’s the one that claimed the 2008 Victorian bushfires were a result of  the State’s abortion laws. Hmm, well, he’s back. Now Mr Nalliah’s focus is on the devastating Queensland floods. He believes it’s ex Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s fault. Reason? Wait for it… Rudd “spoke against Israel” in December 2010 and God is angry. Yep.


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13 responses to “It’s Kevin Rudd’s Fault?

  1. Fairy Face

    God is a loving God , a forgiving God, you’ll be right Kev lol.

  2. Volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, flooding, (bloody freezing cold here in Birmingham), birds falling out of the sky, fish dying, crabs dying ?

    Perhaps these religious nutters aren’t so daft after all ?

    How many days left now till May 21st ? 😦

    • Sheez, there are friggin bush fires here at the moment, 10 houses burned to the ground…..friggin arsonist 😦

      • Fairy Face

        Terrible and I think WA is the only state still in drought. I don’t think you could burn a house down here if you tried , we’ve had so much rain it’s not funny. It poured heavily all night. Thunder storm at 2.00AM then again at 6.00AM. Rain and sticky weather all day. Mind you we should not be complaining after having no rain for 11 years.
        We are expecting the rain to remain all week with temperatures ranging from 21-25 between now and Saturday.
        Sunday with be moderate to warm with a little rain expected in the morning but that will clear by the afternoon.
        Now we take at look at the weather interstate lolol
        Lol I just always wanted to do a weather report lolol.
        Stay safe Loon those fires can jump and spread so quickly. Look what happend here in Victoria? Kinglake, Whittlesea. Tragic waste of life , homes and livestock. We live in a sunburnt country alright. Too bloody sunburnt.

      • My beach house is about 40Km from the fires 😦

      • Fairy Face

        BEACH house, friggin beach house, why wasn’t I told? LOl
        I’m just gonna ring Virgin right now. I’ll swap you my B & B for your beachhose Loon . Fires well …. er no maybe next year.

  3. Beach House? 😯

    Posh Git !!! 😉

    Right, I was wondering where to party May 21 – Big End of the World party at your beach house then, loon ? 😆

  4. Fairy Face

    Isn’t it great Duncan, now we all have a place to PARTAAAAAY?

  5. I’m going to spread the word – perhaps start a page on Facebook to advertise it? 😆

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