Jared Loughner Mugshot

Is Jared Loughner insane , mentally ill or just plain evil? This is the mugshot of the alleged assassin who opened fire in Tuscon and changed the lives of so many forever. None of his  family or friends appeared in the courtroom when he made his first appearance to face the music.

Jared Loughner

After seeing this mugshot and reading that no one turned up to support him I couldn’t help but think of  “I Want Ice Water”  post “Who’s Really To Blame” (sheez, two friggin links in one day!).  He raises some very interesting points about responsibilities .


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14 responses to “Jared Loughner Mugshot

  1. Curious that none of his family or friends showed up. Are they ashamed of him, or of their own failure to put him in check?

    Thanks for the plugs. Maybe I should dress for that press briefing! 🙄

    • That is exactly why I think your post is spot on. When does the family, schools or friends intervene? So many people were aware he had a problem but failed to act. Who’s fault is it? The government doesn’t make it easy for anyone to intervene. A classic example is when young stars spiral out of control and family/friends are virtually left with their hands tied unable to intervene thanks to all the friggin bureaucracy.
      Would I notify authorities if a family member was acting strange? Maybe, but what would the authorities say? Probably…”sorry, can’t help you until they do something bad”. Catch 22.

      • So true! It occurs to me that maybe those family and friends weren’t there because they didn’t want to deal with the press pointing fingers at them when they had tried repeatedly to get the needed help.

        The sad reality is that as long as we’re all walking around feeling we’re damned if we do and damned if we don’t, we’ll be doomed to see this kind of thing repeated again and again! 😐

  2. I think he needs to be committed if it’s proven he didn’t know what he was doing was wrong.

  3. Lex Luther and Uncle Fester’s love child.

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