Do You Know Where That’s Been?


Oh for the love of god, it’s bad enough when you have to have a colonoscopy, worse when you discover that the scope they used up your butt hadn’t been properly disinfected. Urgh, seems like the scope could have been up 4 random butts before ending up in hers. Despite the hospital claiming it was only one of six steps missed and the patient was at an extremely low risk of infection that’s no consolation for the unnamed patient. Poor thing now has to undergo several rounds of HIV and STD tests. Damn straight she is suing the St. Charles Medical Center-Bend in Oregon.


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7 responses to “Do You Know Where That’s Been?

  1. Fairy Face

    OH FGS how do these things happen, is it a case of WHOSE POOS?

  2. question.

    wait, no.


    i need to think about this for awhile.

    or not.

  3. So her mate ask “Where did you get STD?”
    “Silly from the Doctor dear.”

  4. Griffin

    If you go in for an upper and lower GI. make sure they do the upper GI first! I’m just saying. ;-}

  5. Griffin

    General Inspection of the upper and lower digestive tract. The tube goes down the throat and up the ………. never mind.

  6. Fairy Face

    Oh a colonoscopy and gastroscopy. Never head GI before except with Joe. Lol.

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