Honey, Why Does This Mink Stink?

What the? Stephanie Moreland, who was arrested on suspicion of stealing a $6,500 mink coat from the Alaskan Fur Company in Minnesota, sat in jail for three days with it hidden in her undies (undetected).Damn, she’s good. She even modified her knickers for the fur theft, cutting out the rear so it looked as though she wasn’t  wearing underwear whilst all the time the coat was stuffed down the front. When police arrested her, Moreland denied having the coat.It was only after Bloomington police  told her she was being sent to a downtown jail did she lift her dress and produce the coat. Ta-da.

Psst Not all the dry cleaning in the world would…ah never mind!

Want sauce with that?


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18 responses to “Honey, Why Does This Mink Stink?

  1. How on earth does someone fit an entire coat in their underwear?

  2. Fairy Face

    She must be one helluva big girl!

  3. maybe she could have gotten away with it if she had said it was her merkin?

  4. Fairy Face

    Chicky stay focused lololol

  5. friggin loon – if this chick had blonder hair, she looks just as pretty as you 😛

  6. um… like wat a certain person did yesterday?? 😛

  7. Fairy Face

    Ok chicky spill your guts…

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