Quick Quiz

Which city is the gayest in America? Come on loons, put on your fluffy slippers and think. According the gay news magazine, the Advocate, the gayest city in America is …. drum roll please….Minneapolis. Well I’ll be a fairy princess!


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6 responses to “Quick Quiz

  1. San Francisco’s feelings just got hurt.

    • megagetoverit

      There are 50 gay cities in the USA….now there is no more bitching, cat fights or slapping…you’r all even now…Next

      • Fairy Face

        If they don’t carry on like that then how will we know who they are, I mean that IS who they are.

  2. You know, I’ve heard that “the rock star formerly know as Prince” has a very “special” relationship with the Minneapolis area. Cause and Effect? 😉

  3. guess that is where i will NOT be moving to..haha

  4. I guess unless you were looking for a city with the most [LOL} (Brotherly love) who cares? I thought Sodom and Gomorra were number one and two.
    Look out Minneapolis

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