Might Want To Check Your Trick or Treat Bags

OK, no need to panic but step away from your Toxic Waste Nuclear Sludge Chew Bars people, it really IS friggin toxic. OMG, the Pakistani made candy  has a lead content that would make you cringe, way over double the allowed limit. The Food and Drug Administration has announced it is recalling every single one made since 2007 before someone really turns into sludge.


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5 responses to “Might Want To Check Your Trick or Treat Bags

  1. Truth in advertising it’s about time.

  2. Them Pakistanis . . .such a sense of humor they got, huh?

  3. Fairy Face

    Well,we should be cleaning up our own back yard. Have you seen the Aluminium content in deoderant? It blocks your glands and causes huge problems. I’ve been in hospital twice because of this. So guys check the labels or better still use the crystal type. It has no perfume but it also has no alumimiun. It’s just a natural block of minerals that stop you perspiring with no side effects. Cans of deoderant range for 4 – 20 per cent aluminium.
    The sports one are especially bad so be on the look out. Imagine what it’s doing to your body year in year out?

  4. So be on the lookout for the sports bodies. Like girls basketball and soccer.

    • Fairy Face

      Yeah them too lol
      Well you can if you want but I’d be more concerned about what they are spraying to stop them perspiring all over their pretty outfits. Come on I mean we were meant to sweat a little …. but just a little lol. When I stayed on the farm in Poland they’d never heard of deoderant and that’s a bad thing lol. Actually they’d never heard of razors either. I’ve never seen so many hairy woman in all my life .

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