I’m King of The World

OK, when Leo Decaprio shouted “I’m King of The World” on the bow of the Titanic it was kinda cool , when Richard Gervasi did it running naked through traffic, not so much! When Florida police arrived, following reports a man was running naked in traffic, they found Mr Gervasi fighting with two men in a parking lot. He allegedly turned and ran towards an officer who tasered him after he ignored his order  to stop. Three tasers later he was handcuffed but continued to yell “I’m king of the world,”. Now kiddies, this is why you should never take LSD or leave your drinks unattended.


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2 responses to “I’m King of The World

  1. Fairy Face

    LOLO Loon I read that Gervais and thought WTF?

  2. Tina

    First off this is like whisper down the lane. People are asses if they think this is nice to pass on false facts. I know this person and there are alot of false accusations. He was slipped something in his drink. No drug tests were taken and they do not know what was in his system. This is a shame for his humiliation and for his family. If people even though of this, maybe all of you people would not be laughing about it. Iguess all of you are perfect.

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