What Valet Service?

You know what I hate? When you suffer from labor pains and decide to drive yourself to hospital and then hand your keys to the valet while you race into emergency, only to be told the hospital doesn’t have a valet service. I really friggin hate that! The incident happened at the Lowell General Hospital. The woman told police a man dressed in what appeared to be a uniform told her he was the hospital’s valet and that she couldn’t park in that particular spot but he would happily move it for her.

Psst The car was recovered the next day.


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7 responses to “What Valet Service?

  1. That’s just awful, you’d have to be one nasty person to rob a woman in labor, or as the Austrians say in their native tongue, “That’s right awfulll, yeah? Nasty bloke, that one, eh? To nick something awf a Sheila in labour? Crikey, mate!

  2. Fairy Face

    No not really Lisa, what do you reckon Loon? We don’t say “right awful”, bloody awful maybe, but definitely not right awful. Only Steve Irwin used the word “Crikey”. You sound more Cockney than anything lol.

  3. Lo siento, me no hablo el “bloody” ingles.

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