Bedbugs Evolving

OMG, no need to panic people but it looks like bedbugs are evolving to withstand pesticides. The friggin things have the ability of ridding themselves of poisons by boosting their enzymes levels. Holy crap. New Yorkers should be panicking the most, their friggin bedbugs are 250 times more resistant to pesticides than the Florida ones. Scientists believe the little shits are passing on resistant trait to their friggin offsprings, meaning today’s bedbugs are 1,000 times more resilient to insecticide doses than 10 years ago. Friggin great, we’re doomed I say, doomed!


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10 responses to “Bedbugs Evolving

  1. Unban DDT in the US and we could solve that problem in a week.

  2. Makes sense. I heard something similar about cockroaches awhile back as a theory on why we can’t get rid of them. Seems the DNA of the unborn babies is already changing even as the mother dies! 😯

  3. So in the end cockraoches and bedbugs will rule the world.

  4. once they evolve apposable thumbs we’re all screwed

  5. megagetoverit

    Bed bugs don’t live after exposure to UV light which is natural from the sun…If all these disgusting dirty people exposed their grotty sweety damp skin flake trap matresses and pillows to a little natural ultra violet….their bed partners would not be there to eat the shit out of them…urggggg…

  6. So you’re saying my kids will not be overcome by poison because I gave it to the wife over and over shortly after we were married.

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