Another Gun Tragedy

A 14 year old South Carolina boy shot his father, great aunt and grandmother with a rifle he was given as a birthday present before calmly ringing 911. When police arrived they found the father and great aunt deceased and the grandmother still alive but in a critical condition. The boy who can not be named, did not to appear to have any known mental issues and was well behaved at school. When asked why he did it, the boy told police “I don’t know”. Sad, sad, sad, no winners here.

Want sauce with that?


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2 responses to “Another Gun Tragedy

  1. megagetoverit

    No mental issue ?…I guess Hitler and George Bush didn’t have a mental issue either…More playstation to desentisize the snowflakes to all the violence and thuggery….mental issues?…never..PS: Did you know that more than 20% of all Americans have a serious mental problem….and that is fact…..must be something in the chewing gum….

  2. Fairy Face

    What only around 20%???????? I’d love to know the real figure.

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