Carl Samuel who was one a one day release from Hollesley Bay Prison died after being hit by a lorry. He was serving a 5 year sentence for hitting and killing a pedestrian.


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5 responses to “Ironic

  1. Someone please forward this onto Alanis Morresette. She may learn a thing or two about the true meaning of irony.

  2. Fairy Face

    You see when they lock you up you become institutionalised and you don’t know how to cope on the outside. See this guy didn’t know how to cross the street. They need to only let them out a little bit each day with a carer to teach them the basics. I wonder now if the lorry driver now has to go to jail for killing the man who went to jail for killing a pedestrian?

  3. stop stealing my thunder! 😛

    i was going to say

  4. sorry 30…I set em up you knock em down with embedded youtube clips 😉

  5. So live the hit and run die by the hit and run. And for years I thought it was something to do with a sword.

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