No Love Here

Yeah, cancel the roses.

Sorry ladies of Iran, Valentine’s Day has been officially banned. Yep, it’s a Western scum dog celebration that has no place under Islamic law.So don’t be expecting no choccies, flowers or cards . To all the men, you’re officially off the hook!

Want sauce with that?


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18 responses to “No Love Here

  1. Fairy Face

    Lol they’re will be no sauce with this one either Loon. Cheap skates. I hope they blame imadinnerjacket !

  2. Western scum dog celebration ?

    Totally agree !! 😉

  3. megagetoverit

    Has no purpose…the musies got it right…Yank money making scam like cocacola father Xmas and that peadophile game….trick and treat…Halloween….Next

  4. Fairy Face

    Duncan here I was thinking that you were an old romantic kind of guy. It is all about buying crap I know but I love to see couples in love. I met Jan when I was 16 and it’s lasted decades. My parents used to say, “don’t be stupid you’re too young to be going out with boys” . Look I’m still with that tanned handsome surfie from way back when …… and I really don’t need Valentines Day to tell him he’s special. However he’ll get breakfast and a card and a red rose from our garden just the same.

    • From the other side of the fence, I met my wife at a Christmas party when she was a Senior in high school. We got engaged at her Senior Prom and married in August. We’ve been together since then. We still occasionally but goofy stuff for each other, but neither one of us really need it to stay in love.

      • I still want me chocolate. You can have the love,

      • Fairy Face

        I’m with you here but it doesn’t do any harm and nobody is making us spend a fortune. Same as mothers day or fathers days. My kids show us how much we mean to them constantly and we don’t expect special treats. I usually get flowers and I’m happy with that. That will probably be next to go in Iran. Maybe I’d better sent imadinnerjacket a email pointing out some more wetern scum dog celebrations he needs to put an end to.

      • Fairy Face

        Come on Lisa there’s sugar and there’s SUGAR !

  5. Therefore, Obama won’t have to give his wife any roses now, so that’s why he had the rose garden plowed up and planted okra.

    • Read dreams from my father. Good book. he ain’t no muslim.

      • ?? One book and we have all the answers.
        His enrolment into that Muslim only school?? Now how did that happen for a good Christian?
        His wife said we’re going back to his (Obama’s) home country. They went to Kenya only.
        Look at some of the lines where he is saying he wants to be like his father.
        His father was a hard core Muslim.
        Remember he had two books. Don’t forget to read the other one too.

      • there are many people in Indonesia and Australia and UK that attend christian, muslim, and other schools who are not that particular religion and never would be. Maybe the USA is a little bit too into itself it never really understood other cultures. If his father was muslim Obama would have been raised muslim UNTIL he was no longer with his father. If when you were a child your father made you attend a KKK meeting and then as you grew up you left your fathers care and was raised normal would you still like, and think it to be true to still call you a KKK member???

        I think its a bit immature, ill conceived and quite ignorant to assume something if people dont understand the entire history.

      • Sheez My Year of 30, someone woke up little grumpy 🙂 But what if he is a sleeper, planted there by the Chinese to bring down the US economy? Oh hang on, then how would we explain George W …ah never mind.

      • Fairy Face

        Doesn’t happen too often in Oz then. Once a muslim always a muslim or you’ll be answering to the old man and kaboom !!!!

      • i wanna see that kaboom! hahaa

  6. I was just having a bitch fest about the evil cabal of Big Romance. Thank god someone has the courage to stand up to their imperialism!

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