Honey, I Hope That’s You!

Someone looking for a really, really, really cheap house in Idaho? Hello, five bedroom for $109,000!! One catch. It has a small snake problem. OK, a big friggin snake problem. The entire house is infested with garter snakes. Come on people, garter snakes are harmless.  OK, they like slithering in the ceilings and between walls but they don’t bite. That’s gotta be a bonus, right? Anywho, the house is on the market after the previous owners fled and the price has been slashed by $65,000. A Pest inspector estimates there are thousands of snakes living in the house. Reason? The house was built on a snake den. Phew, least it wasn’t built on an Indian burial site!


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7 responses to “Honey, I Hope That’s You!

  1. Gruff Guano

    According to monopoly house rules, you get a financial bonus for rolling snake eyes.

  2. Fairy Face

    I don’t think I’d buy it if it was going for $65.00. No thank you very much!

  3. sekanblogger

    Well hell. Nothin’ wrong with them snakes!
    They’d eat any roaches wouldn’t they?……HA!

  4. ahhh thats one way or idea to get rid of a pesky mother in law who has a fear of snakes..he he he…. 😀

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