Miss Moscow Airport Suicide Bomber

Word on the street is the Moscow suicide bomber was in fact a female. It is also being reported she shouted “I will kill you all” before exploding a bomb which had the power of 5kg of TNT in the baggage collection area of the airport . Determined bitch!


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16 responses to “Miss Moscow Airport Suicide Bomber

  1. Fairy Face

    A bitch from hell!

  2. ??????? Is she going to get 77 virgins to look after her in Mecca??????? Dam the luck. Where’s my bomb? With my luck they would all be males or be all dykes.

  3. Great point FL I’d go for the sluts and whores but don’t they tie the bomb around your wast. Dam you’d have nothing left but head arms and legs.

    • I bet that is how they stay virgins. Remember what Bill C. said “That is not sex it’s just forplay. I never had sex with ML.”

      • Fairy Face

        No the cigar did lol . Imagine letting everyone know you’d had sex with a cigar. Not every flattering really is it? I wonder with the little band or without lol. It would have gotten all sog…. ah never mind. She’s be walking funny with all the bits of tobacco and all. Geez I don’t know, what some people do to themselves.
        Have they no self respect?

      • Luckily Hillary doesn’t smoke or she may have smelt something fishy 😦

    • He didn’t inhale either 😦

    • Blahahaha imagine that Desk49, here’s your 77 dead, torso-less sluts….knock yourself out! Might be a few pissed of suicide bombers up there… whoops … down there 🙂

  4. Cazzie

    I read that her boyfriend who walked in there with her had his head blown off.. that is love isn’t it?

  5. desk49

    I bet he will still have sex in prison even with just one hand LOL 😛

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