Back To The Drawing Board

Every friggin day!

OK the irony is subtle but you can probably see it… 7 people have been killed after gunmen opened fire with automatic weapons during a soccer match in an “anti-violence” park in the Mexican border city of Ciudad Juarez. The park was built three months ago as part of the “Live Better- Todos Somos Juarez” (We’re All Juarez) program.


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3 responses to “Back To The Drawing Board

  1. Fairy Face

    Ah Loon let them shoot the bastards. It’s like the tennis and soccer here . The Serbians and the Croatians end up fighting, throwing chairs , lighting flares and giving everyone the shits . It’s not the old ones either it’s their kids born and bred here with the same friggin “We ARE THE BEST” mentality. I swear if gun laws here were like the states I’d be in jail. It’s a game, get over it it’s just a friggin game.

    • Fairy Face It is not just a game it is honor, pride a way of life. Their Heroes were beaten by the scum of the earth. (Whatever team that’s not theirs.)

      • Fairy Face

        No unfortunately it’s just a game and the sooner they see it that way the better. At school you got picked on for being a BAD SPORT. Bloody sooks!. Go home and take your parents with you. They should have knocked that out of you years ago, little terds!

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