Genetically Modified Alfalfa

Woohoo, the ag secretary in the US has given the thumbs up to the unrestricted commercial cultivation of genetically modified alfalfa. Sheez, who eats that shit? Kidding, health nuts, kidding. Anywho, the traditionalists are not happy claiming their crops will eventually become contaminated with the GM alfalfa. The genetically modified alfalfa contains a gene that makes the plant resistant to the herbicide Roundup. In other words, farmers can merrily spray  chemicals all over their crops without killing the plant. No worries, most of the alfalfa is used to make hay for dairy cattle and horse.  Hmm, what could possibly go wrong?


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3 responses to “Genetically Modified Alfalfa

  1. There is a rice that has a gene that resists the rice blight that is decimating rice crops all over the world. It is naturally resistant to the blight. The problem is because it is natural, it can’t be given a patent, none of the seed producers or sellers will touch it. Isn’t that wonderful? Starve a world if a buck can’t be made.

    If this shit gets out of hand, I hope they get sued from every dollar they make for the next hundred years.

    • Now that I don’t mind Jammers. But hello? Making a genetically modified plant resistant to herbicides….asking for trouble. Have you read Wikis “health risks” on Roundup? Scary!

      • megagetoverit

        Do you know what your eating from your supermarket? Do you know what you wash your hair, face and hands with? Do you know what is in toothpaste? Did you know that fifteen years ago two in ten people died of cancer? Did you know that it is eight out of ten people today? Bring it on you uneducated biological human race fu%kers…..Clever?… We are not…next…

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