Big Bang Theory

If you happen to be a Virgo, step away from the car and catch a friggin bus. Seems Allstate, an insurance company in Illinois, has done some star sign research (via the revised astrological calendar) and discovered 211,650 Virgos were involved in car accidents last year. Sheez! That is like a shit load more than the safest drivers, the Scorpios, who only pranged 26,833 times .Hmm, seems the signs linked to “compassion,” “graciousness” and “resourcefulness” were the least likely to get into accidents while the other ones eg “uncompromising,” “arrogant” and “impatient” bastards, are just an accident waiting to happen.
Wanna know where you stand on the big bang theory? From safest to scariest…

Scorpio (probably Volvo drivers)
Ophiuchus (that new friggin sign with a shit name)
and Virgo (road rage much?)


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6 responses to “Big Bang Theory

  1. Yea me, middle of the pack.

  2. megagetoverit

    Me…. look out all you little uneducated smart ass pricks…i’m right up your clackers….Just get of the F#@king road……..

  3. I would have thought that my sign, Pisces, would be the most dangerous. We are always off in a dream world, or in the midst of a crying jag. Or something.

  4. Of course the Ophiuchus don’t have many accidents. Not many have claimed to be one.

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